Tout Ensemble presents Keep The Change Zoo venues Charteris- Sanctuary

Venue 12 Aug 12-19 21-27 12:50pm

International collaborative Tout Ensemble debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe The myths, the fears and the awkwardness tied up with money are stripped bare in this engaging physical theatre.

I am worth what I have. I want what you have. I fear the rich and pity the poor. I am ashamed to love money.

The money taboo has a lot of suppressed energy. It creates myths and allows us not to deal with the fears lying underneath. Keep The Change is a show born from hours of improvisation and self-examination. The show’s narration comes from the thoughts, hearts and personal experiences of Tout Ensemble members, engaging with the shame and awkwardness that money creates.

Tout Ensemble is an international London-based company. They come from all around the world (UK, Russia, France, Brazil, Latvia) and their intention is to create an experience for the audience by embracing the artificial frame of the theatre setting.

Keep The Change is a new writing based on the devising process connecting unspoken social rules, subjective experiences and individual stories collected through sociodrama workshops, and theories and insights from profound literature research.

Keep The Change premiered at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in London and enjoyed a Sold Out Run during its time there.

Visual, physical and dynamic!
Age recommendation 14+ Twitter: @ensemble_tout Facebook: /

Venue: Zoo Venues: Charteris- Sanctuary, 140 The Pleasance, EH8 9RR

Time:  12:50

Running Time: 60mins

Dates: 12 – 27 August. No show Mon 20 August