A group of Edinburgh based creatives have pooled their talents on a project to raise awareness for mental health. Using film, music, dance and physical theatre, Fabric is a multidisciplinary arts project intended to promote an often ignored issue.

The culmination of more than 12 months’ work will be revealed at the premiere of a short film at the Scottish Storytelling Centre at the beginning of June.

The film centres around dancer and choreographer Emma Burke whose visceral performance is at times a challenging watch given the disturbing undertones. Writhing and reeling, Burke’s physical portrayal of mental strife is showered in pain. The score, composed by Jack Hinks, who is also the executive producer and director, provides a fitting backdrop to the rough-hewn movements.

The metaphor weaved into the lyrics sees fabric as something so easily discarded, usable, ignored even. Conversely, it is something we live with daily. This is, of course, open to interpretation but it seems what the piece tries to convey is a sense of being held hostage.

The visuals are bleak. Burke scrapes the floor with her nails, doused in black gunk, stitches piercing her spine, woven in. Fabric wraps tightly against her, constricting her every movement. The physical expression captures the internal anguish seamlessly.

As for the music, the crunching guitar and low growl from Jack Hinks is complemented neatly by the sweetness of the violin and distinctive harmonies. The crescendo perfectly combines with Burke’s increasingly frantic motions before calm is restored. The song is a troubling soundscape of grit and vigour which echoes candidly the all too prevalent ignorance faced by those struggling with mental health problems.

Fabric premieres at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on The Royal Mile on 1 June 2018.

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