The gastro pub at The Grey Horse in Balerno near Edinburgh, home of Flat Iron Friday. Picture by Nigel Duncan Media

Flat iron steak has, by all media reports, proved a sizzling success since it was launched onto London’s trendy dining culture.

That is apparently the American name for the cut which is, we understand, called butlers’ steak in Britain and oyster blade steak in Australia and New Zealand.

The Grey Horse in Balerno near Edinburgh aims to serve the succulent steak at an affordable price.

So, what is flat iron? It is a juicy and tender cut which is more difficult to butcher but packed with flavour.

And it is on the menu at The Grey Horse on Flat Iron Friday at just £10 and that includes a side salad of rocket.

You pay an extra £2.50 for each side and John his offering triple fried chips or seasoned fries, roast plum tomatoes, garlic mushrooms and onion rings as the options.

Grey Horse owner Paul Ng said: “Everything we do at The Grey Horse aims to be different and here we’re bringing a success from London to Edinburgh.

“We’re also offering beef bread to add to the gastro experience and we are confident that our guests will love this concept.”

The flat iron concept makes its debut on Friday, March 16, but people who don’t want to indulge can tuck into the all day menu which has proved extremely popular since it was launched in January. There are vegetarian options.

On Flat Iron Friday a steak is £10 and you decide what to add at £2.50 a pop. The choice is yours, but Paul says that interest has been high so you are advised to book a table.