Fans attending today’s game between Hibs and Celtic at Easter Road have been warned to behave appropriately.

A full house of over 20,000 supporters are expected to attend the fixture.

Match Commander Chief Inspector Gill Geany said: “Ahead of the match at Easter Road on Sunday 10th December, I would like to remind supporters of both teams to behave appropriately so that the experience is not tarnished for themselves or others.

“I will have an appropriate police presence in and around Easter Road to keep the public safe and deter any criminal activity before, during and after the match.

“Part of our role on the day will be to assist stewarding staff with searches, and I want to remind fans that alcohol, flares and other banned items must not be brought to the stadium. If you are found in possession of these items, you will not get in and are likely to face further police action and this can ultimately lead to a football banning order.

“Similarly, no one will be allowed access to the stadium whilst drunk.”

Supporters who attend the game are also reminded not to engage in any unacceptable conduct at the match.

Any person having a flag(s) or banner(s) and the like which may contain offensive or otherwise unacceptable material and/or flares, fireworks, devices capable of emitting smoke or the like and/or any other object which may cause or be part of any incident of unacceptable conduct on his/her person or any such person refusing to be searched shall not be admitted to the ground and any ticket held by him/her shall be liable to be confiscated without compensation and he/she shall be liable to such other proportionate sanction as the Club may determine.

Persons so engaged are likely to be arrested and may be the subject of a football banning order.