Gas, part of the fuel issue. Picture by Nigel Duncan Media

People are being asked to give their views on a new long-term strategy to tackle fuel poverty.

The consultation will run until 1 February 2018 and will seek opinions on, among other things, ambitious targets for fuel poverty reduction, with a revised definition recommended by an independent, expert review, and the timescales for meeting them.

Responses to the consultation will inform the new strategy and the development of a Warm Homes Bill due to be introduced in 2018 which will enshrine the proposed new fuel poverty target in legislation.

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart said: “We know that far too many people find themselves struggling with energy costs, including the elderly, families with young children and those with serious medical conditions.

“This is unacceptable in a modern, progressive and compassionate country like ours.

“This is why we are now seeking views on a new long-term strategy which sets out ambitious targets to reduce fuel poverty.

“By lifting those experiencing fuel poverty into a better quality of life we can create a fair and more equal society.”