Dead Ringers

Crypt-tucked between the hallowed grounds of Greyfriars Kirkyard and the looming Castle rock precipice – dusk descends. Where not so long ago public executions took place, public exhibitions of myriad costume mischief and gruesome make-up macabre revelled in the Autumn season`s very windy spooky celebrations last weekend.

Laser projected figures and phantoms, bats flapping and pulsating pumpkins, lightning flashing and ghoulish spiders from bars were spookily entertaining.

The Edinburgh Reporter, with ‘grave concern’ found time to congratulate Grassmarket BID Team. Chairperson, Fawns Reid and Project Manager, Norrie Stewart, and not least, commissioning of graphics designer, Johnny Dodds.

His laser projection conjured-up some were-wolfishly sepulchral shenanigans.