In New Zealand there are some 56,000 kilometres of paper roads – streets and towns that exist only on surveyors’ maps. Or do they? A young woman strays from the beaten track and finds herself in a paper world. It seems a land of possibility but she soon discovers that things that happen in the fictional world can have frighteningly real consequences.

From Trick of the Light Theatre comes an award-winning production drawn from the twitchy edges of children’s literature – a dark world reminiscent of Coraline, Pan’s Labyrinth, and the works of the late (great) Margaret Mahy. Combining puppetry, shadow play, and live music, The Road That Wasn’t There is a curious tale for intrepid children and adventurous adults…


The Road That Wasn’t There is at Assembly Roxy (venue 139), Edinburgh Fringe – August 3-27 (not 14, 21) at 14:35.

Tickets here.

Recommended for children 8+

50 mins (No interval)