The Thinking Drinkers

Underbelly Ermintrude |2035

THE THINKING Drinkers have been playing to sell out audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe over August.

There is a slight incentive to see the show for anyone who likes a little tipple. There are five free drinks. We won’t reveal what drinks they are but they are impressive little tipples (in case you thought you were getting a crate of Prosecco) and they are relevant to the show.

It is the narrative that drives the show and the talents of Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham who produce an entertaining and educational hour of fun.

To be clear, their mantra is “Drink Less Drink Better” and it intertwines the history with humour. On a number of occasions, you say “Well I never knew that” and you also do get an opportunity to appreciate the drinks, which is the point of the show.

Praise must also go to the efficient way so many drinks are served to such a number of people.

Ben and Tom are a great team and have a natural symbiosis, like gin and tonic, we suppose.

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