Through a series of cognitive ability tests involving both scripted and Freestyle Rapping, Brinkman and an audience volunteer to both recite and write on another subject. Conclusions? Damnably difficult.

Multi-tasking is fine for some things but the language centre really needs to keep its script together. MRI brain scans detect differen brain activities for prepared artistic expression and Freestyle/improv.

The urban myth that we only exploit 10% of our brain potential is just that – a myth. The brain is hellishly beavering away at subconscious/unconscious activity 24/7  - it just needs us to keep the hell out of its way.

Highly engaging, it sort of makes you think about how you think about things all over again. This show shows how clever you are at spotting Fringe show gold – think about it. Make those synaptic connections. Think neuron not moron.