Theatre with Legs present DIGS

Wanna crash at Theatre with Legs’ flat? Swinging sledgehammers and cutting loose to 70s pop, Theatre with Legs are pushing through grime, through grief, through the wall. They are clawing for space and searching for answers about shared living. Trapped in overdrafts, in each other’s pockets and approaching 30, Theatre with Legs regularly find themselves too anxious to go and sit in their own front room. This second full length performance from the emerging company asks questions about Generation Rent and human behaviour in the public and private space.

Performer Lucy Bairstow said: “Jess and I became obsessed by unpick​ing​ the humdrum conundrum of​ shared living​ and the serious issues underpinning it. Why does everyone in their 20s seem to have anxiety? And why does it feel so hard to have proper conversation in your own home?​ ​In creating DIGS we have observed our own patterns of behaviour, along with ​those of ​others,​ and tried to ​articulate this experience on stage, with guts and humour. DIGS has become our heartfelt ode to a millennial generation that can’t afford their own space to breathe.”

Performer Jess Murrain said: “In making work as Theatre with Legs, and especially for DIGS, Luce and I have always been looking our own experiences – like anxiety, grief, love and loneliness – square in the eye. We’re not trying to shy away from the things we feel, but use them to give voice to the modern day situations of young people like us, who aren’t always able to talk about their growing insecurities and deepest desires. We’re exploring our own vulnerability basically, and revelling in it.”

Director Jemima James said: “​​As queer performance makers, Theatre with Legs speak ​to audiences ​with a voice that is totally unique​. Their work is anarchic, darkly hilarious and has a beautifully crafted rawness. In colliding theatre, poetry and music, they are making ​hybrid ​work that is personal and outward looking, asking themselves and their audiences provocative questions that are deeply political and deeply human.​​“

Theatre with Legs are Jess Murrain and Lucy Bairstow. Based in London and Bradford, their process is devised and experimental. Combining dark comedy, physical storytelling, live music and spoken word, their work is playful, political, queer, (dyslexic) and inherently live | @TheatreWithLegs | #DIGS

Theatre with Legs | DIGS |Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance, Edinburgh, 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ

5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25 and 27 Aug (not 26) | 13:45 (14:45) | £10 (£9)

9, 10, 16, 17, 23 and 24 August | 13:45 (14:45) | £9 (£8)

14, 15, 21, 22 and 28 August | 13:45 (14:45) | £7.50 (£6.50)

Previews 2 – 4 August | 13:45 (14:45) | £6

Box office: 0131 556 6550