A Fayre Tale“Brontë for the 21st century?”

As a failing theatre company rehearse the old time classic, Jane Eyre, complex desires within a love triangle emerge reflecting the timelessness of Brontë’s themes.

The Brontë Actors present Priscilla Berringer’s debut play in collaboration with Joanna Faith Habershon (Soft, The Moon Rose, 2016). Directed by Manuel Baù. A three-hander played by Berringer (Sarah), Habershon (Bobby) and Rory McEvoy (Ben).

Merging original text with modern dialogue, a need to be accepted and find meaningful connection with those around us, weaves through our drama. As Sarah offloads frustrations about her loveless marriage onto non-committal Ben, an anxious Bobby tries to prevent her production from falling apart at the seams.

A Fayre Tale, 14-19th of August 5.05-5.55pm theSpace @ Surgeons Hall, Theatre 1, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DW. Tickets £5.00-£7.00.

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