First Minister meets design team for Scotland House, London.
Left to right Frank Hinds, Rupert Aitken, Nicola Sturgoen, Steve Neilson, Joseph Wright

The Scottish Government has announced that Scotland’s latest Innovation and Investment Hub has officially opened in London.

More than 450 businesses have registered their interest in becoming members in the first few weeks.

The office is aimed at helping Scottish companies take advantage of business opportunities in London and on the international stage.

Scotland House will provide touchdown facilities and a place to meet customers and target new markets, secure investment and showcase products and services.

It also brings together officials from the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and VisitScotland under one roof to provide a Team Scotland approach to supporting businesses and attracting visitors and investment to Scotland.

Officially opening Scotland House, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “London is a very important trading market and a meeting place for the world’s business leaders, but for Scottish businesses it can be challenging and costly to try and break into these markets.

“The new hub will play a critical role in attracting investment to Scotland, helping businesses trade internationally and raising Scotland’s international profile.

“Scotland House will provide Scottish companies with a base to build new partnerships and a low cost place to trade and I am pleased that more than 450 businesses are interested in becoming members of the hub.

“As we face the uncertainty and threat of a hard Brexit, having a Scottish hub in London will help support and stimulate the Scottish economy and show that we are open for business.

“We are already seeing the benefits of our presence in Dublin and I look forward to our next investment and innovation hubs in Brussels and Berlin.”


  1. so we are not only paying for the excellent Dover house but this new duplicate one which must be a source of much gladness to the councillors of London .If only all regions had as much money to throw away in the direction of the city of London . Eh?

    In the end it is the only place guaranteed of benifiting from this folly and afterall it is only the same tax payers money who can easily afford 40 million pounds here n there on abandonned airports and adding insult to injury £100,000 reports that cant be acted upon due to the fact that it is STILL not published !

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