A typical room in a Travelodge and the firm are looking to expand in Scotland

Travelodge ia looking for 21 new sites so that it can expand its network of hotels across Scotland. This includes looking for a site at Edinburgh Park.

The move was confirmed at the opening of Peterhead Travelodge which is the also the town’s first branded hotel.

Two other hotel openings include a 74- room hotel in Stirling and a 54-room Travelodge in Inverness. Both are scheduled to open towards the end of this year.

The three properties represent an investment value of £14m for third party investors and will create around 50 new jobs.

Scotland remains a key growth area for the company fuelled by businesses looking to reduce travel costs and with the new generation of independent leisure travellers.

To support this growing demand, Travelodge is looking for 21 new sites across Scotland where it can potentially open a hotel.

This expansion would represent an investment value of over £100m for third party investors and could create around 400 new jobs.

From the target list of 21 sites nine locations could get their first branded hotel and these locations include Ardrossan, Aviemore, Galashiels, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Loch Lomond, Montrose, Oban and Pitlochry.

The hotel giant is also looking to double its portfolio of hotels in Glasgow, with a further five hotels.

Craig Bonnar, Travelodge’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “The value hotel market continues to go from strength to strength in Scotland boosted by ever more cost-conscious businesses looking to reduce travel costs and the growth in independent leisure travel.”


  1. great to see some company ,any company investing money into our decrepid tourist industry .Of course company’s like these are big enough to not have to rely on the poorly functioning state tourist website which has inexplicably changed domains 3 times in as many years > Strange how ms Hyslop : Tourism Minister has not actually announced the change ,it just slipped in overnight as though it was not a newsworthy issue ….

  2. why the one that you wrote about ten days ago https://theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2017/03/future-of-news-conference-edinburgh-31-march-2017/ happening yesterday . Where is the review of it . http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/fiona-hyslop-strong-media-needed-to-separate-fact-from-opinion-in-indyref2-1-4409161 the one where fiona hyslop was to be interogated by journalists with the inside info that is leading to a resurgence in tourist trade as all expect a conclusion imminently and a new set of politicians taking the reigns exposing furtrher abuses of office ,once the nats are ousted.and the greens exposed . have you not been reading all the stories bubbling up ?

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