From the Hidden Door Festival 2014

The programme for Hidden Door Festival 2017 has just been announced. This year the festival will be from 26 May till 4 June and there is music, theatre, visual arts, film and spoken word all to delight you.

But perhaps the most delightful thing is that the itinerant festival has a brand new venue at Leith Theatre.

David Martin, Creative Director of Hidden Door, said: “Edinburgh is a city busy with festivals but Hidden Door opens up new spaces for artists and creative talent to bring something new to the mix, celebrating innovation and experimentation in the arts.

“People may think that Edinburgh doesn’t have a lot of disused buildings, but they would be amazed at the secrets that are still there to be discovered. This year we have access to one of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets – the old Leith Theatre. Many people think they have been to the Leith Theatre, but have in fact only been to the adjoining hall. The actual theatre is breathtaking, and we will fill every nook and cranny, backstage room, under the stage and even the roof space with exciting art installations, theatre shows and film from some of Scotland’s most promising new artists.

“And then of course we have the fantastic main auditorium which we will bring to life in a spectacular way – with music from the likes of Hidden Orchestra and new enfant terrible Anna Meredith, plus fantastic new site-specific theatre productions by Grid Iron, Ludens Ensemble and Surge. This will be our most ambitious festival yet, and will reflect a dynamic emerging cultural scene in Scotland.”

Irvine Welsh, Leith-born author and patron of the Leith Theatre Trust, said: “It’s terrific to see a pop-up counter culture event like Hidden Door collaborating with Leith Theatre to open up the whole of the building, not just the main auditorium but also all the corridors and dressing rooms, bars and secret nooks that make it such a charming and exciting place. Hidden Door gives audiences the chance to glimpse what the future of the theatre could be and show others how versatile and interesting it can be in the meantime through its programme and use of space. I’m excited to see a like-minded organisation coming together with us and bringing Leith Theatre new life.”

Yasmin Sulaiman, Editor-in-Chief at The List, said: “We’re really chuffed to be working with Hidden Door this year as they bring the amazing Leith Theatre back to life. Anna Meredith – who topped The List Hot 100 in 2016 – is one of the best and most innovative musicians in the UK today, and we’re very excited that she’ll be headlining the Hidden Door Opening Party with The List. We are also really excited to have Idlewild headline on Saturday night as this is likely to be one of their only UK shows in 2017.”


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Here are some of the events confirmed this far.

Music : Friday 26 May

Anna Meredith

Bossy Love



Saturday 27 May


Hamish Hawk

Dama Scout

Friday 2 June

Riot Jazz

Soweto Kinch


Saturday 3 June

Hidden Orchestra

Sunday 4 June


Kathryn Joseph


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Visual Art

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Poetry and Spoken Word

Andrew Blair, INTERROBANG?!, Rebecca Sharp & Phillip Jeck, Annie Rutherford & Rebecca Dewald, Rachel Plummer (with Matt Hulse, Matt Rogers & Scottish Clairnet Quartet), FREAK Circus, Sonnet Youth, Loud Poets, Inky FIngers, Shoreline of Infinity and Jenny Lindsay


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