Artist and dance-maker Janice Parker will feature in an exhibition at the City Art Centre in January 2017.

The exhibition will feature her work since she started in 1973 and all the objects on display will be shown chronologically on ten trestle tables.


The personal collection of a wide variety of objects from 1973 will act as a catalyst to question and reflection.

1973 – Archiving the Live will be a constantly active and performative exhibit. There will be conversations and dancing and it is open to the public throughout each day.

It is on from 18-26 January (not 21, 23 or 24)  2017 11am – 4.30pm

On Sunday 22 January 2017 from 3-4.30pm Makar, Jackie Kay, will join Janice Parker about her own archive.

1973: A Day of Conversations with Janice Parker, Luke Pell & guests Thu 26 Jan / City Art Centre

The Memories of Things / 11am-12.30pm
Why do people collect things? Do we hold onto objects because we cannot hold onto time? Diana Morton of Edinburgh Museums & Galleries will discuss this topic, and how museums keep and maintain collections.

Relearning the Archive / 1pm-2.30pm
Drawing from radical archival histories and 1973 as stimulus, visual artist Emmie McLuskey discusses current models of archiving and non-linear, embodied and felt forms of memory. Inviting viewers to rethink, interrogate and collectively reimagine whose voices are heard, how we re-write histories.

People and Perspectives / 3pm-4.30pm
Adele Patrick from Glasgow Women’s Library talks about how the meaning of a personal collection changes when seen from different perspectives, charting terrains in relation to Janice’s work, including: the hidden and eclipsed histories of women’s contributions to culture, labour and friendships; community curating; the personal and political case for accessible archives. How does the meaning of a personal collection change, when seen from the perspective of the creative community, the (feminist) archivist and the public?

Janice Parker is an award-winning choreographer and dance-maker based in Edinburgh. She is known for her collaborative performance projects and makes live performance movement for theatre, site-based work, physical installations and dance film.