World exclusive reading from the new Rebus book Rather be the Devil, which will be published in November 2016 included!

Rebustours, one of Edinburgh’s most popular walking tours with past sell-out success, offer its visitors an insight into Scottish History, and Edinburgh as depicted in the acclaimed Rebus series by Ian Rankin. And they begin tomorrow!

Participants can expect atmospheric walks through Detective Inspector John Rebus’ Edinburgh, accompanied by readings from the novels. It is not necessary to have read a Rebus book, as the tours feature the historic and cultural background to Edinburgh. The tours are led by actor and local historian Colin Brown.

Rebustours are the only Officially Sanctioned walking talks since 2000.

Rebustours questions:

Where is the City Mortuary and who are Gates and Curt? How are Hogg’s “Justified Sinner” and Rankin’s “Dead Souls” linked with Salisbury Crags? Which school did Sir Walter Scott attend and who are in his debt? When and where was the Flodden Wall built? Where is St. Leonards Police Station?

Rebustours facts:

Rebustours have a 4 Star rating from VisitScotland’s Quality Assurance Scheme. Ian Rankin refers to Rebustours on his official website. Rebustours have sold-out at the Fringe for the past 12 consecutive years.

Quotes from Rebustours participants:

“Colin Brown’s readings were brilliant and it was fantastic to get a real context to the books I’ve read so many times. I’m looking forward to revisiting them with fresh eyes and a new understanding of Rebus’ world.”

“The tour was full of fascinating Edinburgh history – my partner is a big Rebus fan, and I was amazed by how much Colin was able to tell us about this ancient City along the way. I’d recommend the tours to anyone with an interest in old Edinburgh.”

“Colin was fascinating… I loved seeing Siobhan’s car outside the “Cop Shop”, the genesis of “Knots and Crosses”, the Rebus pubs and the tales of old Edinburgh.”

Further information- contact Colin Brown on enquiries@Rebustours.com 0131 553 7473 or on the Rebustours.com website. Page 199 in Fringe brochure.

Fringe dates :–Friday 5th – Saturday 27th, every day except Sundays. The Royal Oak, 1 Infirmary Street, Southbridge. Rebus – Hidden Edinburgh 12p.m. – 2p.m. (2hrs) £10.00 (£9.00).