Desiree Burch brings her debut stand-up hour, exploring sex, drugs, body image, religion – and a personality that has led to an embarrassingly prolonged adolescence. This is Evolution is a high-octane show where Burch ponders the possibility of achieving escape velocity from the trappings of life.

Remember how you kept planning to grow up your whole life, but somewhere on the road to 40, you realised it might be too late? The 30s are a decade of adjusted expectations, waning tolerances for friends and booze, growing wisdom and diminishing relevance, and a penchant for drinking oneself to sleep on top of a pile of self-help books.

In the throes of her self-diagnosed, early-onset midlife crisis, Desiree Burch knows it’s time to ‘woman up’. She has dodged motherhood and suburban banality and moved to a new country, but the one thing she can’t escape is herself.

Burch sees the best minds of her generation destroyed by believing in a version of the future that never came to be and not knowing how to adapt. Faced with the prospect of evolving herself, she wonders if using opposable thumbs to swipe right might be the best she and her generation ever do.


VENUE: Heroes @ Bob’s BlundaBus (Venue 212)
DATES: Aug 6-29 (Not Wednesdays)
TIME: 21:30 (1 hour)

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