Chris Forbes asked people to describe him in one word. This show is the result.


Have you ever wondered what people really think of you? Of course you have. People worry about it at the time, especially the ones who pretend they don’t. Through the medium of social networks, Chris asked his friends, family and acquaintances how they would honestly describe him in one word.

TALL. NEEDY. MUTANT. These were just three of the answers provided. There were many more.

Join Chris as he explores their meaning.

Chris Forbes is a two-time Scottish Comedy Award winner and star of BBC’s Scot Squad who makes his solo stand-up debut with this show. He has previously enjoyed success with the critically acclaimed sketch trio, How Do I Get Up There? The group went on to write and star in their own TV show for BBC Scotland.

Chris is also the creator of the much praised stand-up comedy character Damien Crow with whom he gained a full pilot script commission from the BBC.

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Submitted by Sophie Gardner