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Many of us love a cup of coffee. Sometimes it is the experience of going out for a coffee which is part of it, but other times we just want the best coffee at home or in the office to keep us going.

So now all you coffee lovers can have your favourite double shot, wet, extra hot cappuccino delivered to your doorstep.

This is made possible thanks to a new partnership between, the leading on-demand delivery service for high-quality restaurant meals, Deliveroo and coffee connoisseurs, Brew Lab. Deliveroo has teamed up with specialty coffee brewers, Brew Lab, to provide Edinburgh with a delicious selection of sweet treats and fresh single-origin hot coffee, as well as coffee’s rising star, cold brew coffee.

The cold brew coffee that is steeped slowly for up to 18 hours in cold water, promotes a smoother, less acidic taste and a naturally sweet flavour. Brew Lab has seen a dramatic rise in popularity of the beverage since entering the market last year and are predicting a rise in sales of over 200% year on year.

After four years of careful planning and thought, Brew Lab was launched in September 2012 by entrepreneurial duo Tom Hyde and Dave Law. Both share an unrivalled passion for quality coffee and after graduating from university in 2008 with the pair noticing an increasing third wave of coffee in London, New York and Portland.

Deciding to surf this wave, Tom and Dave realised the next natural step for a high-quality, concept led coffee bar to launch was within the heart of the Scottish capital. The duo, enjoy activating coffee trends and are keen to watch trends such as cold brew, roasted coffee and functional coffee grip the capital.

“Our relationship with Deliveroo has been a massive boost to our business as using their riders has allowed our coffee to reach the lips of residents and workers across the city and not just within the warm atmosphere of our West End and South College Street bars,” added Tom Hyde, Co-founder, at Brew Lab.

“Deliveroo has allowed us to offer a delivery service to our customers. It also allows us to share fresh products such as cold brew and as retail sales have proven its rising popularity is something we feel will continue to increase and as such we are grateful Deliveroo allows us to deliver our full range of delicious coffee straight to consumers.”

Thanks to a team of Deliveroo moped or bicycle-mounted riders, coffee can now be delivered hot and cold, straight into the hands of those living in the capital, in just 32 minutes.

Deliveroo’s Edinburgh-based users have been enjoying bags of freshly roasted beans, or bottles of overnight-brewed, tripled filtered cold brew coffee.

Workers across the city’s offices have even been enjoying an exclusive corporate offering of disposable and fully recyclable coffee travellers which can fill over 20 cups and keep those caught in mid-afternoon meetings energised.

Caroline Hazlehurst, General Manager at Deliveroo, commented: “We’ve seen a fantastic level of interest among Edinburgh foodies and coffee-aficionados since partnering with Brew Lab. Our riders deliver restaurant quality food to hundreds of customers in the capital every day and now they have the option of coffee.

“Whether your team needs motivating or are in need of a ‘pick-me up’, there is now the option of quality, barista brewed coffee delivered straight to your office or home – it really is a first for Scotland!”

Deliveroo is focused on providing the ultimate food delivery experience. Customers have the option to schedule orders via the Deliveroo app up to one day in advance or receive food as soon as possible between 12 noon and 11pm, from a variety of leading local, independent and high-quality chain restaurants, which will be cooked, fresh to order and delivered to your door by Deliveroo riders within 32 minutes.