“We’re running a community ceilidh this Saturday which may be a little bit different and of interest to Edinburgh Reporter readers.

“Organised for the UN’s International Year of Light, we’ve been working with local scientists and community dancers and musicians to write dances which help explain the science and light behind daily life: from why the sky is red at night, what actually goes on in the LCD screen to allow us to watch the telly, and even how do glowsticks themselves work..all through ceilidh dance (think the Dashing White Light Wave or the Orcadian Strip the Optic Cable!).

“The aim of the project is to make science as accessible as possible through an innovative science and arts collaboration and highlight the cutting-edge research going on in Edinburgh to new communities.”

Feeling in the dark about the science behind light?

Join the award-winning Science Ceilidh Band for an evening of Scottish ceilidh dances all with a twist on the theme of light. Written as part of the International Year of Light with scientists from the University of Edinburgh and kindly funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry, we’ll be explaining the behaviour of light in the Dashing White Light Wave, exploring how we see with the Flying Photon and experiencing how our most important star illuminates the sky with the CumberSun Square Eight. With Light Entertainment between dances as you catch your breath, it’ll be a ceilidh like never before!

The aim behind the project is to answer a wide range of questions exploring the light, and science, behind daily life in an innovative and accessible way, replacing the science classroom with the ceilidh dance floor. From contemplating why the sky is red at evenings, to how a LCD screen works to allow us to watch our favourite programmes, to even how glowsticks work, local scientists will answer these questions through demonstrations and specially written ceilidh dances.

No experience necessary, both steps and science will be explained, and experiments and glowsticks provided, just be ready to shine on the dance floor!

“Taking your research and turning it into a dance sounds like an impossible challenge but the whole experience has been really fun! I can’t wait to see a room full of people trying out my fluorescence fling!”
said Rachel Fisher, 2nd year Chemistry PhD student

’It’s so exciting being part of the science ceilidh, I can tell the story of the PROTEUS project through fast and furious ceilidh dancing, it’s going to be great!” Sam Stanfield – PROTEUS Chemistry Postgraduate

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Tickets: £3 Early Bird Advance Tickets, £6 On The Door Tickets:

The event will be held at the Southside Community Centre, Newington, from 19.30 until 23.30 on the 5 December 2015. Tickets can be bought in advance online for £3 Early Bird Tickets (Until the 24th of November) and £6 after and at the door. The event will primarily aimed for adults, though welcome to families and will take the form of a traditional ceilidh with a twist, with additional activities, experiments and performances through the evening.

Tickets available:

Submitted by Lewis Hou