I know the world is round, so why should I be square?


Sometimes, during the Fringe, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by talent. Actors, singers, dancers and comedians flood our city. There’s no denying we love having them here but sometimes it’s a little hard not to feel like something of Philistine. That’s where the wonderful Tricity Vogue comes in.

In her workshops in Rae Macintosh MusicRoom, Tricity teaches the basics of ukulele and samples from her three solo albums. She’s warm, funny and an excellent teacher. Her pupils, young and old, come from differing levels of musical ability – I was seated next to a girl from the National Children’s Choir- but the workshop is aimed at newcomers to ukulele and mistakes are quite welcome.

However, I would point out that I have been playing the ukulele for a year or so now, and guitar before that, and I loved every minute. One of the most enjoyable parts was the sense of camaraderie amongst those attending. Audiences can be spooked by the idea of participation- not with Tricity. Part of her charm is her infectious good humour.

“I got my hair cut off to look like Frank Sinatra, but then I ended up looking like Liza Minnelli. So I just bought a bowler hat.”


Incidentally, Bowler Hat is one of the songs she shared with us from her album Songs for Swinging Ukuleles. Written for the winner of the “Uke of Edinburgh” competition, it’s a fun attempt at seducing a man in the audience wearing a bowler hat. Apparently it didn’t work, but the originality and verve of the song-writing still stands. Other tracks include Run Away and Join the Circus, which contains the quote from the title of this article, and St Tropez (“Be ready to follow your man anywhere – as long as it’s hot and expensive.).

I can honestly say that this was of the most enjoyable afternoons I have spent at the Fringe. Go off the beaten track a little, grab a ukulele and a bowler hat, and catch Tricity before she heads back down south- it’s worth the sore fingers.


There will be a second workshop 1pm-3pm on Sunday 9th August at Rae Macintosh MusicRoom, 41 Shandwick Place. Free entry and use of ukulele, donations welcome. Special offers available on ukuleles bought on the day. Refreshments provided by the staff of Rae Macintosh Musicroom.

Tricity Vogue will be appearing “Mel Frye will double your money (not guaranteed)” at The Voodoo Rooms, 9.55pm, Sunday 9th August.