2015ALFIEMO_AAYby Michael Casey
A police officer from Scunthorpe, who is on sabbatical. Doesn’t sound promising but over the last two years, Alfie has made a real impression especially his Radio 4 podcasts.

Alfie is an unusually (in our experience) personable and self reflective bobby with an astute political mind (wonder what rank he is?)
Alfie sees the police at a cross roads and clearly subscribes to the school of “Cuts have consequences.” He takes us through several avenues during the hour and comes to a number of conclusions about the state of play for the police. it doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs but it is.

Alfie is so personable and so engaging that the audience love him. Alfie clearly loved/loves being a copper but is perhaps one of the best commentators on the present, some say parlous state of British policing.


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Michael Casey is the Editor of YourThurrock and this review is a collaboration between The Edinburgh Reporter and YourThurrock, two of the many hyperlocal news websites in the UK.