A 29-year-old man has  been found guilty at Glasgow High Court for his part in the shooting of a man in the Willowbrae area of Edinburgh.

Mohammed Ahmed, also known as Jamal Saeed, was found guilty of murdering Mohammed Abdi (25) who was shot on Abercorn Avenue near Willowbrae Road on May 26, 2013.

An extensive investigation led by detectives from Police Scotland’s Major Investigation Team identified Ahmed as one of nine suspects who they wished to trace in connection with the murder and he was arrested in October upon his return to the UK from Somalia.

Following today’s verdict Detective Superintendent Kenny Graham of Police Scotland said: “The murder of Mohammed Abdi was a brutal killing and those involved showed absolutely no regard for human life or the safety of others in the area.

“Such incidents are thankfully extremely rare in Scotland and it is completely incomprehensible why these men chose a quiet suburban area of the Capital to carry out such a barbaric act.

“Our investigation has been extensive and involved specialised officers working with authorities from other countries as well as across the UK.

“A great many hours have been dedicated to this case and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the officers and partner agencies for their tremendous professionalism and commitment shown throughout this investigation.

“I also want to recognise the invaluable contribution made by members of the public who assisted with our enquiries and whose vital information allowed Police Scotland to identify a total of nine men in connection with this dreadful killing.”

In April and May last year, seven of the nine men accused of the murder of Mohammed Abdi appeared before Glasgow High Court.

During the trial Mohammed Mohammed, Cadil Huseen and Hussein Mohammed Ali changed their pleas to guilty and the remaining accused had their pleas of not guilty accepted.

Mohammed, Huseen and Ali all received life sentences and ordered to serve a minimum of 25 years.