Three EPs into his already promising music career, David Rhodes is renowned for his idyllic songs with a mesmerising atmospheric edge. Rhodes has already toured with some huge names in current pop music, boasting support slots with the likes of Sam Smith, London Grammar and Rufus Wainwright. The singer-songwriter has been on a whirlwind creative journey recently, with two EPs released in the last year and a new single, ‘Turning Back Around’, out on April 5.

What’s the feedback been like for the new single?

It’s been lovely so far. It was an anxious moment when I put it online because it’s the first little sample of what to expect from the album.

The new single sounds a little bit more upbeat, what can we expect from the new album?

Yeah, it’s slightly more energetic. I had written the song ages ago and it was a slower acoustic song. Then one evening at the studio James Kenosha and I started jamming around the chords with an up tempo beat and we decided to go with it. There are a few more up tempo songs on the album. I want it to be very dynamic.

What influenced you during the creation of the upcoming record, musically and lyrically?

This whole last 18 months has been quite crazy and the highs and lows have inspired a lot of the songs. Having been particularly anxious about the whole singing thing it’s been a bit of a roller coaster emotionally. I’ve been listening to a lot the music that first fuelled my passion like LOVE, Talk Talk and Television – all the old bands. I like space and light so being in a huge open coastal location to record the album has been really important to the soundscapes. I like to imagine it being quite cinematic I’m the end.

You’ve released three EPs and this will be your first album, was there any added pressure because it’s a full album you’ll be releasing?

Yes! Lots. I guess it’s just because this is like a document of where I’ve got to so far and it’s everlasting. I feel it needs to really represent and in a way define me as an artist and because I’m solo it’s a complete blank canvas and I need to be really careful about how it all comes across. I’m feeling really good about it though and excited for everyone to hear it now.

You played Big Weekend and Glastonbury last year, what plans do you have for this summer?

Last summer feels like a dream now. Hopefully I’ll be doing all of those lovely festivals again, I’ve announced Barn on the Farm and a few across Europe which is going to be a lot of fun.

What can we expect from the tour?

You can expect a band. I’ve got a really lovely band with me for this one, we’ve been experimenting with how to approach recreating the sound I have in the studio on the live stage. There’s a lot of energy but still little moments of calm. I think I’ve found a really nice balance and I’m looking forward to everyone hearing it.

Rhodes is playing Edinburgh’s Electric Circus on Sunday April 8. Tickets can be purchased here.