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Today is a big day at the City Chambers when the council will meet to discuss and approve the new budget for the coming financial year.

Some believe that cuts will be made to Edinburgh Leisure, although it is certainly not in the plans published by the coalition. You can read our article on the coalition plans here.

The council have a plan to reorganise the council in such a way that further savings will be made and they have assured anyone who would listen that frontline services will be protected.

So what will happen today? You can follow the proceedings here live.


Today you could do something good for your community by volunteering in the city. Don’t know where to start? Then begin here with the Volunteer in Edinburgh website.

There are many opportunities with a diverse range of organisations.


In the technicolour confines of the slab room of A. F. Stobo & Co. Carpet Factory in Paisley, young boys have to grow up fast.

Strutting adolescent double act Phil and Spanky are passing the time with an endless verbal tug o’ war and merciless ribbing of their workmates and boss. But even the distractions of the annual staff dance, the monthly pay packet or the unattainable Lucille can’t stop Phil from dreaming of becoming an artist.
One of the best-loved works in 20th century Scottish theatre, John Byrne’s funny and poignant play paints a vivid picture of the tough, rebellious, working-class culture of 1950s industrial Scotland. David Hayman directs this landmark theatre show for the stage in a major new production by the Citizens Theatre.
FREE PIC- John Byrne Kings Theatre Mural 01And from 10 to 14 March it will be performed at the King’s Theatre under the dome designed by the author of the play, the multi-talented John Byrne.
The Citizens Theatre has published a lovely set of photos from rehearsals on Flickr here.
Photo by Colin Hattersley Photography  07974 957 388

Have you signed up to do something for The Big Dinner yet? If not you will want to do something to help after watching this video of the organiser, Olivia Giles.



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