OrangeMarch 47


Permission was given back in the summer by the council to allow the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland to march march through  the centre of Edinburgh today meaning a number of roads were closed this morning.

Police report that all is now back to normal on the roads. The marchers started off just after 11am from The Meadows and their route takes them to Regent Road.

We hope that our photos give you a flavour of the sights and our Instagram  and Audioboo accounts may give you an idea of the sounds. Estimates of the numbers taking part range from seven to twelve thousand people who came from far and wide. The Edinburgh Reporter spoke with lodge and band members from Liverpool, Manchester, Kilwinning, Falkirk, Denny, Coatbridge and Northern Ireland.

Some of the banners illustrated the history behind the lodge that they represented. Other banners proclaimed support for a No vote this Thursday. Prior to the march starting there were prayers as well as rousing speeches.

No matter what your view of such an event is, it was certainly colourful and very loud!

L.O.L. 218 Dreghorn from Irvine Ayrshire