2014_05 Tram launch and first day 27

Following an article which appeared earlier today stating that the tram bell will be silenced when a tram is passing through the city’s West End, it seems that this is not actually the case.

Transport for Edinburgh has issued a statement.

A spokesman for Transport for Edinburgh said:

“There are no plans to stop use of the tram bell as it’s a critical safety device on the road. Our policy hasn’t changed since December last year when we started on-street testing. Drivers ring the bell when it’s appropriate to sound it for very important safety reasons. This includes busy junctions, when pulling away from tram stops and when the driver thinks that a nearby pedestrian may not be aware of the presence of the tram.

“The safety of pedestrians and our passengers is our number one priority and we train our drivers to use their judgement based on conditions around them.”

In Dublin Luas trams are fitted with a bell which is used when approaching and leaving stops and at road junctions. There is also a horn which can be used if required. In Manchester the warning is given by a horn which sounds more like a car or a lorry.

What do you think is the bell annoying you?