An Edinburgh schoolgirl has won silver at a Commonwealth Games event already!

Major Commonwealth Games educational project inspire>aspire inspires 36,000-plus pupils in Scotland to use the learning opportunities from the Games to commit to their vision for a better world.

National finalists were honoured at the inspire>aspire National Awards in the Bute Hall at The University of Glasgow at the beginning of the week. National prize winners were awarded their gold, silver and bronze placed medals by BBC Correspondent and Adventurer Mark Beaumont during Primary and Secondary ceremonies.

Molly Younie from St George’s School won 2nd Prize Silver at the ceremony and she chose Samantha Kinghorn as her inspirational figure as part of her work during the Legacy 2014 project.

Explaining the reasons for her choice, Molly said: “Samantha Kinghorn inspires me because of her remarkable determination to succeed and become one of the best wheelchair racers in the UK.”

During Mark Beaumont’s keynote speech, he encouraged pupils to: “Make the most of the celebrations that are coming to Scotland this summer. Now you’ve been a successful part of inspire>aspire and drawn your posters and are here to celebrate it, go out and find out what other people have written, the world they live in and what they are aspiring to be.”

Cabinet Secretary for Commonwealth Games and Sport, Shona Robison, said: “I warmly congratulate the winners, and finalists, from the inspire>aspire awards. Indeed, a big ‘well done’ goes to all the 36,000-plus children in Scottish schools who have participated in this educational ‘Global Citizens in the Making’ programme.

“Offered through Game On Scotland, this Supporting Legacy 2014 Project uses the 2014 Games as an inspiring springboard to encourage children to develop personal action plans based on Commonwealth values.

“By enabling children in Scotland to establish sustainable partnerships with peers from around the Commonwealth, and helping them to share their values, aspirations and visions for the future, it is to be highly commended for empowering young people to become responsible global citizens.

“inspire>aspire is thus a valued partner in supporting our Legacy ambitions, to create a lasting and positive Games Legacy which places young people at its heart.”

With 36,000-plus pupils participating in the programme from Scotland this year it was a truly notable achievement for the 220 Primary and Secondary finalists. Participation from England, Northern Ireland, Wales and 42 of the 71 Commonwealth Nations and Territories took overall participation numbers to 56,000 pupils.

Molly explained how much of an impact participating in inspire>aspire has had on her: “This project has made me think about questions that I have never thought about before.”

The National Awards culminated what has been a successful year for inspire>aspire with participation in all 32 local authorities achieved for the first time in the projects 7 year history (previously operating as Learning for Life and Olympic Values).

Submitted by Alex Gregg