Scotland should be given the right to vote for Independence, we live in a democratic society, they should be supported, no-one, I mean no-one should deny a country Independence, or the opportunity to vote on it. It will be interesting to see who her friends are should they become successful.

My Glaswegian father youst ta say:-
”Proud Scotsmen without freedom hurt, Shameless Scotsman without money cry” Hoist your flag high and best wishes from Australia.

Submitted by Robert Anderson


  1. FREEDOM.Come on.The NATS continually go on bout bein abused (not physically).The English ave taken but never given.It was weENGLUSH that bailed the Scots out after their failed PANAMA conquest.The leader of that failed attempt wasnt also called Mr Salmond was he.Look if the Scots want independence then yes by all means take it.But being independant means just that.They want to go but want to keep everything that is part of bein BRITISH.It wont happen.No CU,probably years of waitin on the EU and practically everyting else that HEIR SALMOND says that an independant Scotland will get for free.If you go your gone.No coming back when the lies and deceit finally hit you from the SNP.

  2. DAVID….DAVID.Another Nat who tries to belittle someone for having an opinion.I expressed my own personal view.Because it doesnt conform to yours then i must be on MEDICATION.But yet isnt that a NAT trait.We are correct in our way of thinking and anyone who doesnt agree is “mentally challenged” or “in need of medication”.Come the day PAL and its the UNION who shall be the winners.TUT TUT DAVID.

  3. I wish and hope Scotland will be independent after september 18.

    Look what happen to nationalist movement in Canada (Quebec) after they failed 2 times. It weaken Quebec.

    They were lot of fear propaganda here in Quebec about the danger of being independent. They promised a lot if we stay in the confederation but they gave nothing. Instead they have weaken our constitutional powers unilaterally.

    Its like : Don’t buy a house. You’ll have to manage the garden and you’ll have to deal with your neighborhood.

    Don’t be stupid like Quebecer.

    I wish you good luck.


  4. Quebecs is not Scotland.You are talking about a province within Canada.Scotland is a country in its own right.A country that willingly joined the Union.But now the SNP under the dictatorship of Heir Salmond and Frau Sturgeon want to break up the most amazing Union in history.Weve fought and died side by siide.Ruled a quarter of the world together.Brought amaxing literature/science/technology and other too many to name achievements to the world.The UK economy is the fastest growingbin the world.We sre getting thete.TOGRTHRR.

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