Scottish Thistles will face two new sides when they begin their challenge for GB7s honours at London’s Allianz Park, home of the Saracens, on Friday.

The British Army and an England IPF 7s team have been drafted into the three-round competition which will head to Boroughmuir Rugby’s home at Meggetland on 31 May 2014.

Also taking part in Britain’s flagship sevens competition, which will again be supported by a Sky Sports highlights programme, are the Suzuki Wailers, Apache, Crawshays Welsh, Irish Exiles and reigning champions Samurai.

World class players such as the ‘Fastest Man in Rugby’ Carlin Isles are lining up in the GB7s London tournament on the 23rd May and Edinburgh can also expect international class players to be competing as well.

The eight teams will be split in to two pools of four before progressing to a knockout style phase which ranks teams one to eight on the day. Points will be carried over so that an overall champion can be crowned at the end of the series.

Tournament director Dickie Jeavons-Fellows said: “We’re building a structure that delivers consistently high competition and great entertainment. It will evolve as the sport grows up to and beyond the Olympics.

“With the commitment of the teams we will steadily build the audience for sevens while providing players with a route to becoming international athletes.”

Jeavons-Fellows added: “Can you imagine a better way for a young sevens athlete to develop than playing week in, week out, alongside proven, experienced internationals, against top teams who are serious about winning? It’s a formula for success.”

The inaugural GB7s tour featured recent or current international players from England, Wales, Scotland, Kenya and Nigeria with several emerging athletes moving up to their national squads after impressing selectors.

Samurai were last year’s winner at Meggetland, will be keen to hold on to their Edinburgh title again this year.

Marketing Director at Boroughmuir Justin Tito said: “This is such an exciting tournament to come to Edinburgh. With the focus from home nations to build their 7 squads ahead of the Commonwealth and Olympic games, we can be sure that the level of 7s rugby on display, will be some of the highest Edinburgh will see.”

The competition kicked off earlier tonight at Allianz Park before heading for Edinburgh on Saturday, May 31, tickets only £5!

Tickets are available from the competition website at

Submitted by Morgane Jarles