The Edinburgh Reporter Mark Lazarowicz MPAt Prime Minister’s Questions today Mark Lazarowicz MP challenged the Prime Minister on his complete u-turn on green energy policy with the announcement last week that the Conservatives would axe support for new onshore wind energy in England if they win the next election.

Mark commented afterwards:-“David Cameron said before the last election that he wanted to put a wind turbine on No 10 if he became Prime Minister. Now he will be going into the next election pledged to axe support for onshore wind.

“Onshore wind is one of the cheapest forms of energy but the Prime Minister is committed to cutting support for it: so much for tough action to cut energy bills.

“Renewed uncertainty over future support for green energy will only further damage investment in an industry which has the potential to create thousands of new skilled jobs.

“The greenest government ever? The march of the makers? This Government is failing to protect the environment or to back UK industry of the future.”

The Government ‘s own figures show onshore wind as one of the cheapest forms of energy, close to gas and nuclear and much the cheapest form of renewable energy when the energy generated over the lifetime of a project is calculated.