TER Great Gallery Museum


Rare heritage items related to Robert the Bruce, Rabbie Burns and King James VI & I will be on display at the National Museum of Scotland on Thursday evening as Stanley Gibbons Investments present the case for investing in alternative assets to investors, wealth managers and IFA’s .


Stanley Gibbons Investment Director, Keith Heddle, will be giving a short presentation at 6.15pm entitled:- “How to make money from an investment in rare stamps and coins” against a backdrop of rare investment grade items from the company’s vaults, including:


The “Burns Bible” – last seen in public in 1896

A silver penny depicting Scotland’s most famous King, ‘Robert the Bruce’

Gold ‘Unite’ – so-called because of James’s wish to ‘unite’ the nations of England and Scotland

Queen Mary two thirds Ryal bearing the legend ”Glory gives strength’ – a comment on the Stuart ’cause’

A block of 2d blue stamps- worth £950,000

An exceptionally rare Viking Penny, struck around 940AD

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

21st November 2013

5.30- 9pm