TER Edinburgh Airport

Police officers and Edinburgh Airport staff will be promoting safe travel to passengers passing through the airport today.

Police Scotland’s Border Policing Command is running a ‘Safer Travel Day’ where advice and guidance will be offered to passengers on how they can keep themselves safe while travelling.

There will be two stalls situated within the terminal building, where police officers and airport staff will be on hand to provide advice and guidance.

They will hand out leaflets to passengers containing a range of tips on safe travel, from crime prevention and personal safety advice, to who to contact in an emergency when abroad.  The intention is to ensure that passengers are equipped with the information they need to have as safe a journey as possible, from airport to destination.

Detective Superintendent Alan Crawford, Head of Border Policing Command for Police Scotland, said: “These events are aimed at making people aware of the various organisations they might see while travelling through airports, as well as raising awareness of security issues and provide crime prevention information which will help keep people safe as they travel between destinations.”

Julie Matthews, Head of Security at Edinburgh Airport, said: “We’re delighted to be collaborating with Police Scotland to promote ‘Safer Travel Day’ in Edinburgh Airport.  Events like this are very important, as they allow us to engage directly with passengers and show that their safety is our top priority.

“We listen to our passenger’s feedback and will continue to work hard to ensure they feel safe when travelling through Edinburgh Airport.”