Dogs and crocodiles – Male arrested following pet shop incident – Warhol goes to Holyrood – Feeding the 5000 – Pandas

Twitter was ablaze towards the end of yesterday afternoon with the report of the stolen crocodile from St Andrew Square. Snapping at the heels of the story which broke earlier in the day about vandalism to the recently repaired Greyfriars Bobby statue, it goes a long way to prove that most news outlets really are interested in the ridiculous and the scandalous.

The 12 foot long fibreglass crocodile called Dave which is owned by the National Library and was being used in St Andrew Square to promote their Explore Africa with David Livingstone exhibition must be around somewhere. Is it in your shed? The National Library are keen to get it back…….it cost £3,000 to make.


A helpful suggestion from Apex Hotels was rebuffed…




Also on the pet front the police issued this tweet following an incident yesterday afternoon in a pet shop in Leith:-



Thanks to the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament Tricia Marwick and the support of the Carnegie UK Trust there is a new exhibition opens today at Holyrood of art by Warhol, some of which has never been seen outside the US before. The exhibition is entitled Andy Warhol: Pop,Power and Politics. It includes works of art showing former presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Jimmy Carter in a typical Warhol fashion.

As well as the artworks there are two photos by Glasgow photographer, Harry Benson, who has loaned two images of Warhol which are being displayed here for the first time.

The Edinburgh Reporter attended the press view yesterday and interviewed the Presiding Officer and the Chair of Carnegie UK Trust about the exhibition.

Tickets are free but will be tied to time slots so prior booking is recommended. Contact warhol@scottish.parliament.ukor phone 0131 348 5454 or in person at The Scottish Parliamet, Horse Wynd EH99 1SP.

Later in the month, from 15 October there will be another exhibition about Andrew Carnegie, the man who left it all behind, in the main foyer of the Parliament building.


TER Feeding the 5000 3Later today in Bristo Square some top Edinburgh chefs will be feeding 5,000 people for free using food which would otherwise have been thrown out.

All of the food will be supplied by local allotments, Stirfresh, Kettle Produce and Skea Organics, while financial support is being provided by Zero Waste Scotland. Volunteers will prepare, serve and clean up, while a Food Information Fair with activities and stalls will take place at the same time in the Potterow Dome.

Visitors on the day will also get the chance to comment on a consultation to develop a Sustainable Food City Strategy for Edinburgh. This is being managed by Edible Edinburgh, which was formed to explore how healthy, sustainable and locally sourced food can be available for everyone.


On the is she isn’t she front, there is an interesting article about panda conservation, panda diplomacy and the research into breeding on The Conversation by Martin Eve of the University of Lincoln who attended the panda symposium last month held at Edinburgh Zoo.