St Davids 2014

This is what a new classroom in St David’s RC Primary School might look like when it is built in time for the 2014/15 school year. In August 2013 the council opened 23 new classrooms and now they plan to build 17 more as well as five general purpose spaces, all to be completed by next summer.

Paula McVay, Chair of St David’s RC Primary School Parent Council, said:- “When the Council showed us the proposed designs last month I think a lot of the parents were quite surprised at how new and modern the classrooms looked, nothing like wooden cabins some had imagined. Sustainability is also important and the Council said the type of roofing being used would make fitting solar panels easier in the future which could mean the school sustaining its own energy and heating systems.  It’s a shame that the possibility of extending the school for extra classrooms isn’t going to happen but I hope they will still look into this and other options if more classes are needed in the future. If the rising rolls allow us to get the standalone in time for next year it will give us class space that we really need.”

Convener of Education – Paul Godzik
Convener of Education – Paul Godzik

Education Convenor, Councillor Paul Godzik said:- “The Capital Coalition delivered 23 new classrooms  in August, which included new build accommodation at Granton, Trinity and Wardie Primary schools.  A total of 17 new build classrooms and five general purpose spaces are being considered for next year to deal with rising primary school rolls and I’m extremely encouraged by the positive response we’ve had from parents and staff.

“Primary school rolls in the city are predicted to rise by around 15% by 2019 – bringing our primary school population to over 31,000. That’s why the Capital Coalition doubled the funding available to deal with this issue, and has now committed £15m to deal with the issue.

“Our approach allows us the flexibility to plan much better for the future, and we are working with school communities and parent councils as we move forward. Whether or not it is traditional extensions, new build units or the refurbishment of existing space, we are committed to providing the very best educational environment for our pupils.”

Paul McGirk, Chief Executive of Hub South East Scotland, said:- “The first phase of extensions we delivered for the Council have been very well received, and seeking planning permission for the second phase is a welcome step towards creating even more new modern facilities for pupils and staff. We look forward to continuing our positive relationship with the City of Edinburgh Council on this important programme, further demonstrating Hubco’s commitment to long term partnership working.”


Other schools where new classrooms and general purpose space is to be created include Balgreen Primary School, Broughton Primary School, Craigour Park Primary School, Flora Stevenson’s Primary School, Fox Covert Primary School, Liberton Primary School, Stockbridge Primary School and Victoria Primary School.

The breakdown is :-

Liberton – 5 spaces with 0 GP (general purpose space)

Broughton – 4 spaces, 1 of which is GP

Victoria – 3 spaces, 1 of which is GP

Craigour – 6 spaces, 1 of which is GP

St Davids – 4 spaces, 1 of which is GP and another is to replace a classbase lost in extending the dining area