This week’s photo of the week comes from Loron Black! Loron is an Offshore Operations Technician, working primarily in the North Sea. Other than photography, Loron is a car enthusiast and enjoys travelling.

The photo is of Lennox Row near Granton, the site of a former railway line. ”The walk is beautiful and is amazing how much it changed with the seasons” said Loron. ”I love how the stretch in the photo goes off into infinity and has a warm early autumn feel to it with a tree and plant canopy.”

The Stockbridge Photography Club is a non-profit photography club that aims to operate in a different way from the traditional photography club mold. We have informal monthly meetings where we discuss our photos over a cup of coffee and learn about the month’s theme- this month we’re meeting in LifeCare, Stockbridge.

Outside of this, we arrange photowalks and trips to various locations and landmarks in and around Edinburgh, providing our members with something interesting to photograph, whilst always having someone on hand to answer any questions.

More info about the club, and their upcoming exhibiton, is on their website: stockbridgephotographyclub.co.uk

Submitted by Stockbridge Photography Club



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