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Lothian Buses are pleased to announce its continued support to 6VT Youth Café by giving the charity another year’s worth of adult and children’s bus travel.  This will help 6VT to continue to empower young people and their families who are at risk to make positive changes with their lives and ensure that as many people as possible can access the facilities and support services they provide.

6VT’s initiatives include; provision of an open youth cafe, assistance for vulnerable and young families, homeless children and young people who are seeking employability support as well as ensuring that those at risk are able to attend their drop in activities to receive support and advice.

Dot Thorne, Director, 6VT Youth Café said:”Lothian Buses generous award to 6VT for the second year running is a tremendous boost and will allow us to sustain and support young people most in need to access a range of supports and services.  The tickets enable young people to access our service as well as help those most in need to get to important appointments such as job interviews. The tickets also help in our day to day work and enable us to take groups on local outings as part of our youth activity programmes.   In this challenging financial climate this support from Lothian Buses is hugely appreciated by all at 6VT Youth Café.”

Lothian Buses became involved with the 6VT Youth Café in 2011 when Chief Executive, Ian Craig volunteered his time through the charity Pilotlight who match and manage teams of senior business people to coach local charities through the process of planning for growth, development and sustainability.

Ian Craig, Chief Executive, Lothian Buses said:-“As a key part of Edinburgh life we are delighted to continue to support those in our community.  I worked with the 6VT Youth Café team in 2011/12 and was impressed in how greatly their work impacted on those in need of a helping hand and was pleased to continue our assistance in 2013.

“Since then several other members of the Lothian Buses’ management team have become “Pilotlighters”. They are working with charities tackling issues such as crime, drug abuse and homelessness in Scotland.”

Kerrie Jopling, Project Manager, Pilotlight said: “Pilotlight brings senior business people up close to the needs of some of the most disadvantaged in Scotland. Ian has given first and foremost his tremendous leadership skills and experience. Those skills, along with the rest of his fellow team members, have helped put 6VT on a path to help even more young people more effectively.”