Venue: Hunt & Darton Cafe (Venue 172) Dates: 2-25 Aug (not 5, 12, 19) Times: 21:00 (ends 22:00)   Tickets: £5 (preview 2 Aug £2.50) 

Richard DeDomenici/Escalator East to Edinburgh present: Popaganga.Topical pranks, silly games, and satirical mashups in Hunt & Darton Cafe

Sit back and relax to the dulcet tones of Richard’s fake songs, topical pranks, silly games, and satirical mashups in his hit show about changing the world.

A jetlagged litter picker of the world’s cultural landfill, watch DeDomenici throw civilisation at the wall, caution to the wind, and see what sticks. Like a can of tomato soup Popaganda is condensed, easily digestible, and likely to stain.

Richard makes work that is social, playful, critical, and political – although rarely all at the same time. His low-grade acts of anarcho-surrealist civil disobedience cause the kind of uncertainty that leads to possibility.

He was an Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award finalist in 2011 and this year won quite a prestigious award in Iceland. Last summer he was repeatedly threatened with arrest for his Fake Olympic Torch tour. He was also awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark; however this was almost definitely done erroneously.

In 2013 Popaganda completed a 20-date tour of the UK, and will tour internationally in 2014. He has performed in 22 countries, and this spring made new work in Bangkok, Yokohama, Reykjavik and Brussels.  Richard once sold Kylie Minogue a pair of cowboy boots.

Richard has made TV shows for the BBC and Channel 4, including 2006’s notorious Fame Asylum. His recent zero-budget remake of Cloud Atlas at Buzzcut Festival 2013 in Glasgow received more stars in The Scotsman than the film on which it was based. This has inspired him to remake further films shot in Scotland during his run in Edinburgh. To get involved visit: www.dedomenici.com/popaganda

Popaganda has been selected for Escalator East To Edinburgh. Each year Escalator, East to Edinburgh helps artists and arts organisations to raise their profile and perform to new audiences as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.