A meeting will take place tonight to gauge the level of interest in setting a community radio station in North Edinburgh.

The meeting was called by local community worker Allan Hosey last week and he hopes that folk who have an interest will come together to discuss the options for setting it up.

Allans advert said:- “Various people have suggested that a local radio station for Muirhouse/West Pilton/Drylaw and the surrounding area might be a positive development. Some of the positive aspects of this proposal might be:-

Training opportunities for local people in radio and media (with possible links between local high school and Edinburgh College)

Opportunities for local bands and individuals to gain experience produce demos and be given air time

Opportunities for local projects to get their information across to the local communities

Slots throughout the week with different types of themes ie music, younger and older audiences, new migrant communities etc

An overall increase in artistic and creative activity in the area”

If your interested please pop along to the Arts Centre tonight or you can call Allan on 0131 551 3194


  1. I wish these guys luck, community radio is fast becoming a place where new talent can ‘learn the ropes’ before going into more formal training – all the while providing a valuable service to the community.

    My big hope is that the proposed station doesn’t try to become a “Forth 1.5” and sets clear community goals.

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