Art For All is delighted to announce that North Edinburgh Arts has agreed to host a film screening of the ground-breaking film by the team Do The Math! on Wednesday 29 May.

This film is important in the global and local sense as it encapsulates the current state of the environmental predicament. It poses tough questions that we all need to ask ourselves.

Have we reached a tipping point in May 2013 when scientists measured 400 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere?, NASA, and many other scientific groups reckon that we need to reduce our carbon in the atmosphere to 350 for a safe level for the Earth-and ourselves ultimately!

None of us has the answer individually, but perhaps together we do!

Wednesday 29 May  2013 7:00pm, North Edinburgh Arts, 15a Pennywell Court , Edinburgh EH4 4TZ Telephone: 0131 315 2151