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Bikes are synonymous with leisure and recreation but when it comes to business, they offer plenty of advertising power.

Media Gang, one of Scotland’s leading producers of edgy and non-traditional advertising, has seen a gap in the market for a fleet of bike frame adverts that can be installed in any city in the UK, which grabs attention and, most importantly, is affordable.

Media Gang Director, Richard Dietrich said:- “Sometimes it’s not always possible to purchase outdoor media in the right place, at the right time, or at an affordable price. Small to medium businesses come to us enquiring about street level advertising such as 3D Illusion advertising but they do not have the budget. Bike frame adverts are incredibly effective and offer brand exposure that caters to businesses big or small.

Media Gang successfully launched their first UK fleet of impressive bike frame adverts at the Brighton Festival for their client Boost, a juice bar company based in Brighton.

Boost chief executive, Richard O’Sullivan, said: “We were really excited about bringing Boost to Brighton, we knew we had something unique and more than a little bit fruity to offer, so we wanted to reflect this in our highly targeted advertising. The bikes were incredibly flexible and gave our brand awareness an extra BOOST, being located at key events and locations throughout the opening campaign, and helped get Brighton shoppers excited about our opening at Churchill Square.”

Media Gang, based in Edinburgh and London, work with national and international clients that include much-loved brands such as Shell, Sky and Citroen.

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Submitted by Faiza Amjid