Ian Murray MP urges local primary schools to “Make IT Happy, Make IT Safe”

 Members of Parliament and e-skills UK have launched the seventh year of the Make IT Happy competition, a UK-wide technology challenge for primary school students aged 9 to 11. The competition is run by the Parliamentary Internet Communications and Technology Forum (PICTFOR) and e-skills UK, the Sector Skills Council for Business and Information Technology and is backed by MPs from across the UK.

This year’s competition has been specially designed to help children use the internet safely and creatively. Staying safe online is an important skill even for primary age children, and the competition helps them learn how to make the most of the internet without putting themselves at risk.

Children will be asked to create an infographic – a digital poster – that tells other people what they’ve learned and how they too can be safe on the web. This reinforces the learning and helps spread the word about using the internet securely.

£1,200 will be awarded to each of the regional competition finalists, with the overall winning school taking home an additional cash prize of £4,000. Winners will also be invited to attend an awards ceremony to be held at the Houses of Parliament in London in June 2013.

Local MP Ian Murray is keen for local primary schools to get involved.

The Edinburgh South MP said:- “I have written to all local primary schools to encourage them to get involved with ‘Make IT Happy’ this year. The competition helps children gain invaluable internet safely skills, that can then in turn be passed on to other people. I’m confident that pupils will enjoy the chance to work together on such an exciting and relevant project, as well as having the opportunity to win terrific cash prizes for their school.  There are further benefits to entering as the skills pupils gain from taking part in the competition will also assist them in their transition to secondary school”.  Ian added:- “I would encourage all local children aged between 9 and 11 years old to log on and take part”.

For further information and details on how to enter, please visit the website at http://makeithappy.cc4g.net/.  The closing date for entries is April 6, 2013.



  1. My initial thoughts on information / cyber security was about people getting robbed by criminals after they were lax with their personal information, falling for spam etc. Then I went on holiday recently. The person I sat next to on the plane was a lawyer, who told me his main role was prosecuting pedophiles. During our discussion, he started telling me about children on Facebook, Twitter etc and how this was often the start to them nurturing the children. This article made me think more about information security and why the education of children into this area is vital. This competition is a really good way of getting children interested in information security. Parents should also take note and encourage their children to learn more.

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