On Monday, 10th December 2012, children from Sacred Heart Primary School in Penicuik sang Christmas carols for two hours outside the security area within Edinburgh Airport, all with the purpose of raising funds for Tushinde, which is a school in Nairobi, and has been designated their charity of the year.

You can read more about what Tushinde does here on their website www.tushinde.org.uk

The children sang beautifully and collected a fantastic £307.46 from airport users, and have been bowled over by  a most generous gesture from the owners of Edinburgh Airport who have pledged to match this amount.

Headteacher of Sacred Heart, Mrs Mary Durkacz, said:”It was lovely to see the passengers faces light up when they saw the children. We would like to say Thank you to the choir, as well as Mrs Allan and Mrs Fergusson, for coming along and singing so beautifully.  Thank you also to Edinburgh Airport and Anna Light, for offering us the opportunity to sing and for the very kind donation.”