The full council meets this morning from 10a.m. We shall be in the City Chambers to observe what is being decided. There is a set of papers running to over 300 pages on the council website, but hopefully these will not actually reflect the length of the meeting. The papers are reproduced for you below.

Some of the reports to the meeting are copies of the minutes from each of the various committees, presumably in the lead up to the new governance arrangements which will take shape from today. Each committee is either getting a new name or a new shape. We are sure all will become clear, although we have found the various graphics of the new arrangements hard to follow!

There will be three deputations today all wishing to speak about the council’s plans for the proposed new Portobello High School.

Feel free to join in by commenting here or on Twitter by using the hashtag #edincouncil

Council 25.10.12 Full Meeting Papers 1