There is an exhibition taking place on Friday 26 October 2012 which is open to the public between 10am-5pm at the Talbot Rice Gallery as part of the ‘I am Seeing Things symposium and exhibition’. The symposium takes place today and is a complete sell-out. This is what they will be talking about, and already are, at least on Twitter, with the hashtag #iamseeingthings.

A one day symposium at Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, reflecting upon the term ‘things’. Specifically it explores the way that everyday objects are being connected to the Internet and asks how this technology is disrupting consumer practices, heritage and the tacit geography of ‘things’.

There are more details about the events and the exhibition here on the website.

When you visit the exhibition there will be a series of interactive plinths featuring work that Edinburgh Art College’s TOTeM Project have done with Oxfam, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, Dundee Contemporary Arts and community work in Trout Lake, Canada. Each of these plinths will have a variety of objects on them which when scanned will play video and audio stories which the project have collected over the past 3 years bringing the objects to life.

Alongside this they will also have art work from Dunne and Raby, Geoff Mann, Max Phillips, Superflux and Tommy Dykes.

Tommy Dykes was a graduate from ECA last year and Geoff Mann is an Edinburgh-based artist who has exhibited in New York and was awarded the World Craft Council Prize for Glass in 2008 and in 2009 won the Jerwood Contemporary Makers Prize.

You can see the piece he will be exhibiting here, which the organisers of TOTem are very excited to have as part of the show:-