DSCF1024North Edinburgh residents were delighted to learn that the doors of Pennywell Shopping Centre are being taken down.

It was confirmed on Friday afternoon by an email from the newly appointed senior project manager, John McDonald, who is in charge of  the city’s 21st century regeneration project.

The email, which was sent to many local groups, advised that on Monday 22 October 2012 work will start to remove the doors and glass fronts on the shopping centre.Other local shops and residents expected to be told today a bit more about the intended work.


Since the shopping centre was roofed and the doors were put in place, many local residents and shopkeepers hadhighlighted concerns about anti-social behaviour over recent months. Many people who took shelter in the area were consuming alcohol, throwing rubbish and generally causing a nuisance. Residents found this behaviour intimidating and Lothian & Borders Police are often on patrol in the shopping centre  to tackle these various issues.


I spoke to one shopper this morning and asked what they thought about the change and she told me that shethought it would be brilliant and might stop the drunks gathering within the centre. She also added that in her view they should have never have been put up in the first place.

DSCF1027Walking through the enclosed centre can be quite intimidating, but when  the doors are removed it will hopefully feel a lot more open and more welcoming.

There has also been talk of the roof being removed but I believe this has been delayed due to structural issues.


Submitted by Robert Pearson