Managing to pack the strength of their live shows on to the frailty of a compact disk, Dead Sea Souls debut sounds like a grenade going off beside your head. We Were Always Electric jumps, jives and is forever changing – creating a collection of songs that not only excite but keep you perpetually off balance for its dizzying 40 minutes.

After a waltzing intro jam the album opens up into the behemoth that is ‘Trendsetter’. Deceptively anthemic, lead singer Gary Burns’ vocals come dripping in equal measures of passion and venom. A return volley against another band’s criticism of the West Lothian four-piece, the stinging chorus of “I’m so sorry that I don’t dress the way you like/I’ll never be in NME/And I’m not worthy of your time” is a broadside against the posers and phoneys that the Scottish music scene attracts in their droves. Safe to say the Dead Sea Souls had the last word here.

The only criticism of ‘Trendsetter’ could be that it casts a long shadow; taking the sting out of the following few tracks. However things are once again heading skywards on ‘Six’. More a refined 21st century ballad than supercharged riot, its restrained riffs and pulsating drums demonstrates a level of finesse on top of the band’s palpable power.

Next track ‘Young Team’ acts as a charming foil to this slice of solemnity, sounding delightfully juvenile and showing that they are a band with a song for every occasion. Jangling vocals and funky guitars breeze their way through this short interlude before it’s back to the bread and butter of indie rock on ‘New Vibe’.

Album closer ‘Danny Bell’ kicks off like a South American carnival – all trumpets and chants – before returning to Burns’ swinging vocals. Its ska beats leave the album on a particularly high note as the band metaphorically dance off into the distance.

We Were Always Electric is an album that spans genres and should have something to keep everybody entertained. Bristling with energy and exuberance, it is a listening experience that will only be enhanced by seeing the band in the flesh.

We Were Always Electric is out now