How to motivate yourself like an Olympian

The Olympic and Paralympic Games have shown us the impressive results which come from dedication and commitment.

While we can’t all be Olympic medal winners, we can be inspired by and learn from their successes.

So, if you too would like to know how you can achieve your personal best, there are three key words to remember.

Firstly, you need to have a vision. Having a clear picture in your mind of the goal you wish to reach, helps you stay focused. Regularly reminding yourself of your goal can keep you on track too.

Support is also crucial. Very few people achieve major success all by themselves. You may not have your own physiotherapist or sports psychologist on speed-dial, but your friends and family are some of the best cheer-leaders you could have.

They can provide practical help and emotional support to boost your success. For instance, babysitting the kids or driving you to a fitness class or session, could make all the difference to your motivation levels. Training with a friend or family member can also help achieve results, as you share the ups and downs together and encourage each other.

Thirdly, never under-estimate the importance of planning. Nothing will change unless you make it happen.

Athletes identify what they need to do to achieve their goal. And then they do it. So, make sure you diarise your time for exercise, write down your goals and keep note of your progress – it is exciting to see the evidence of your hard work.

We can all be champions – we just need a vision, support and planning to help us get there. So, why not set your next fitness goals now?

This is the twelfth of Jenny’s fitness columns for The Edinburgh Reporter. We hope it helps you to achieve your desired level of fitness.

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