Fusing panoramic guitars and twinkling drums, The 10:04’s new single sounds like a step towards stardom.

The Edinburgh 4-piece have been a mainstay of the Scottish scene for some time now – running their own festival, headlining venues across the country and generally quickening the pulses of music fans.

Whilst first single ‘SOS’ came dripping in freshman pop ease, ‘Lights Out’ sounds like they have graduated to making full-on rock masterpieces.

The 10:04’s definitely prove that less can be more. Laser guided guitars and the refined drumming of Paul Haddow render the track with more emotion and poignancy than most British bands of the moment could dream of.

But it is Steven Bolton’s vocals that bring hypnotic radiance to this rhythmic core. Sounding as fresh and exciting as you’ll hear anywhere this year, he weaves a perfect line between indie angst and mainstream melody.

Whilst Bolton may sing of how “Reaching the bottom it will take the parts and hopes”, you don’t get the feeling that the band will be pluming such depths anytime soon. Ferocious live and fabulous on record – The 10:04’s are ready for the big time.


‘Lights Out’ is out now :http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/lights-out-single/id551910320