WHALE Arts Centre in Wester Hailes will be holding a Planning Aid for Scotland (PAS) event at the end of the month to help locals understand how they can be more involved with the community.

The event, to be held on Wednesday 30 May 2012, aims to involve local people with their communities and encourage them to have a say in the future of their area.

Local residents, community groups and community councils are welcome to the free introductory session which aims to provide an understanding of the planning system.

Kathryn Hume, a training manager from Planning Aid Scotland claims the event is useful for all:- “Simply wishing to know how they can have a say in the future of their area, Planning Aid Scotland’s training will help them to understand what’s involved.”

PAS prides itself on its involvement with local communities and will have staff and volunteers at the event.

To book a free place, please contact Laura at training@planningaidscotland.org.uk or call 0131 220 9730.